The Story of byDaccas

by | Jun 5, 2023 | byDaccas

A Desperate Search for a Better Future

For several years now, I have found myself trapped in an endless cycle of working tirelessly. My desire to improve my income and secure a stable future for my children led me to constantly seek additional jobs. However, I realized that this approach came at a high price: the time and energy I was not investing in my children, my family, leisure, rest, and so much more. As my children grew, I strived to be present for the important moments, but I knew I was missing out on those small daily interactions that are crucial for building deep connections.

The Birth of byDaccas – An Alternative Income Source

While searching for a solution, I found inspiration in the idea of creating an alternative source of income: an online store for t-shirts and hoodies. That’s how byDaccas, our own brand, was born. At that moment, my goal was clear: to generate additional income so that I could dedicate more time and attention to my children.

With enthusiasm and determination, I embarked on this entrepreneurial adventure. However, I must admit that it has not been and is not easy. Over the years, I had attempted various online projects, but a lack of motivation and obstacles led me to abandon them halfway. Frustration and exhaustion were constant companions in my search for a self-sustaining source of income.

I had a grasp of web development, advertising, creativity, and marketing fundamentals, but I lacked solid sales skills. I faced a highly competitive online market where standing out and differentiating oneself is a challenge, especially without significant financial resources.

Overcoming Challenges and Building Bonds

Despite setbacks, I have persevered because I believe that time and persistence will yield fruitful results. My purpose extended beyond making money; I yearned to strengthen bonds with my children and have more quality time with them. That’s when the byDaccas project became more than just a potential income source. It became an opportunity to build a deeper connection with my children.

Gradually, I involved them in the project. I asked for their ideas, shared my plans, and sought their opinions. Together, we explored designs, had photo sessions, and brainstormed. Each shared moment has become an opportunity for learning and growing together. Although money has not yet flowed as expected, we are creating unique memories and experiences along the way.

Collaborating with my children on byDaccas became a way to merge our worlds. As we work together, we forge an unbreakable bond based on respect, trust, and the shared love for this project. We are not just creating an urban clothing brand; we are also crafting a family story of resilience and perseverance.

Pursuing Success and Persevering Against All Odds

Despite challenges and difficulties, our passion for byDaccas remains unwavering. We continue to seek ways to stand out in the market and achieve the success we yearn for. Though the path may be uncertain and the competition fierce, our determination burns brightly, and we are ready to face any obstacles that come our way.

by Daniel

CEO of byDaccas. He is a guy with several interests, such as longboarding, skateboarding, urban clothing; he especially likes t-shirts and hoodies with original and eye-catching designs. He can often be found at live music venues, skating around the city with his children, at exhibitions of emerging and underground artists."

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